Here are some useful links:


The Well Natural Health Centre, Kings Heath

The Natural Health Centre, Kings Norton



HCPC: Health and Care Professions Council

Regulator of health,psychological and social work professions. You can check that I am registered.


CSP Chartered Society of Physiotherapists

Information for the public on their "Health" page on the main menu.



Functional Therapy magazine - Views of living fascia   


Functional Fascia - fluid in fascia


Gil Hedley -  The Fuzz speech: A fabulous video which explains in a fun way what happens to fascia if we don't move.


Myofascial Release - John F Barnes  explains his version of Myofascial Release


Ruth Duncan: Myofascial Release UK . Workshops in th UK teaching Integrated myofscial release with an excellent explanation of fascia.


Tom Myers: Fascia 101: an excellent video explaining the fascial web.


Fascial Fitness: a co-operation between German biologist Robert Schleip and Tom Myers of Anatomy Trains to provide information on how to keep your fascia healthy.

Dr Jean-Claude Gimberteau Strolling under the skin" - a more technical and medical view of some of the mechanisms of fascia.


Fight, Flight, Freeze and Thaw Response

National Geographic: Thaw response in a polar bear.