kath for clinic 3Kath Kelly

I graduated from the Q.E. Birmingham in 1990 and very soon chose to work in the musculoskeletal field of physiotherapy. I worked in the NHS for 8 years, continuing to learn more physiotherapy techniques and also becoming a clinical educator for physiotherapy students.

After twice travelling around and working in Australia, I emigrated there in 2001. Initially I worked in private practice, treating sports and work related injuries, those involved in traffic accidents as well as the usual musculoskeletal issues. I returned to the public hospital system where I continued to work in this field of physiotherapy, both in the hospital environment and in the rural communities of Tasmania. I went on to expand my scope of practice into more specialist areas of treating hand and upper limb injuries, including those requiring plastic surgery. The management of  lymphoedema and vascular disorders and treating patients  post surgery for certain cancers was my next area of speciality. Throughout I have always practiced my main preference of general musculoskeletal phsiotherapy.

I continued my role as clinical eductor in Tasmania and became an examiner for overseas physiotherapists hoping to practice in Australia..

I was forced to stop work and return to the UK in 2015 after an injury. Initially, unable to find a health professional who could provide the type of treatment I knew I required, I treated myself whilst setting out to increase my knowledge and training in Myofascial Release (MFR). This lead me to the information regarding John F Barnes and from there to MFR UK. I can now offer an integrated style of Myofascial Release as a treatment option in addition to more conventional physiotherapy techniques.

Having been "on the other side" of health care I feel I can truly relate to my clients and some of the issues they may be going through.

Outside of work I enjoy gardening, reading and walking and have an interest in complementary health.  I have been researching my family tree for a number of years which allows me to combine my love of travel, photography and history. I seem to have an affinity with animals and brought Tiggy, my 16 year old cat, with me from Australia.