kath for clinic 3Kath Kelly, Physiotherapist

I graduated from the Queen Elizabeth School of Physiotherapy, Birmingham, in 1990 and very soon chose to work in the musculoskeletal field of physiotherapy. I worked in the NHS for 8 years, continuing to learn more physiotherapy techniques and also becoming a clinical educator for physiotherapy students.

After twice travelling around and working in Australia, I emigrated there in 2001. Initially I worked in private practice, treating sports and work related injuries, those involved in traffic accidents as well as the usual musculoskeletal issues. I returned to the public hospital system where I continued to work in this field of physiotherapy, both in the hospital environment and in the rural communities of Tasmania. I went on to expand my scope of practice into more specialist area of  hand and upper limb injuries, including those requiring plastic surgery. I then specialised in the management of  lymphoedema and vascular disorders, plus treating patients post surgery for certain cancers. Throughout I have continued to practice in my main prefered area of general musculoskeletal phsiotherapy.

I continued my role as clinical eductor in Tasmania and became an examiner for overseas physiotherapists hoping to practice in Australia.

I was forced to stop work and return to the UK in 2015 after an injury. Initially, unable to find a health professional who could provide the type of treatment I knew I required, I treated myself whilst setting out to increase my knowledge and training in Myofascial Release (MFR). This lead me to the information regarding John F Barnes and from there to MFR UK.

Luckily I did find a good therapist and, between her and my own efforts, was able to return to work 2 years later. I have had to continue self treatment since then, but now, (2020), have virtually fully recovered.

In my practice I now offer an integrated style of Myofascial Release as a treatment option in addition to more conventional physiotherapy techniques.

Having been "on the other side" of health care I feel I can truly relate to my clients and some of the issues they may be going through.

Outside of work I enjoy gardening, reading and walking and have an interest in complementary health.  I have been researching my family tree for a number of years which allows me to combine my love of travel, photography and history.